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March 9, 2009

Do You Have A Bad Case Of March Madness? JOIN THE 30 To Cure 30 TOURNEY TIME CONTEST

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Who Will Be Cutting Down The Nets?

Who Will Be Cutting Down The Nets?

For the rabid and somewhat obsessive sports fan like myself, there are few periods in the year more thrilling then the month of March. For a few weeks, my thoughts are consumed with brackets, seedings, Cinderella’s, and sleepers. My productivity at work halts to an almost stand still pace. For some odd reason, every year I seem to catch a 48 hour bug on the Thursday and Friday of the opening round of the tourney causing me to miss work and be forced to “rest” at home.

In a quest to fill out the perfect NCAA Championship Bracket, I devote my entire attention to figuring out who will cut down the nets at the end of the tourney. However, my indecisiveness throws a wrench in those plans and I end up filling out 1,001 different brackets. This has placed me in quite the predicament on numerous occasions where I find myself torn between which team to root for in a contest as my brackets are split straight down the middle. I’ll go into more detail in a future blog post about how I become consumed with March Madness and all of the possible scenarios when it comes to filling out brackets.

Consider this month’s focus is on decisiveness, I have committed to filling out a single bracket this year or as ESPN Radio Host Mike Greenberg calls it coming up with a “Sheet Of Integrity.” If my predictions fail and I find there is nothing particularly sweet about the Sweet 16 then so be it. This could actually be a good thing. For the first time in awhile, I might be able to enjoy the games without the need to eat Tums like they were candy to relieve the heartburn I am feeling over which #12 seed will go deep in the tourney.

Wanting to make this endeavor a little bit more interesting, I have decided to create a Bracket Challenge group for the readers of the 30 To Cure 30 blog. You don’t have to be a basketball junkie in order to join. All are welcome to participate. For the ladies who could care less about basketball, fill out a bracket based on which school uniform you consider the most fashionable.

Another technique might be deciding winners based on the possible outcome if the team’s mascots were ever to meet face to face in a real life battle. You could even leave it up to pure chance by flipping a coin or using a dartboard to make your picks. My 4-½ year old daughter, Madison, will have her own bracket and chances are good she will beat her old man.

Invite friends to join. The more the merrier. The only rule is you are stuck to the same constraints as I am: only one bracket per person. Right now the prize for winning is strictly bragging rights, but if we manage to get a big group together I might be swayed to give the winner a sweet prize.


Follow this link to join (the necessary info is found below):

30 To Cure 30 Tourney Time

Group ID #42855

Password: 30 To Cure 30

**DON’T FORGET – Be sure to complete your brackets before registration closes at tip off of the first game of Round 1 on Thursday, March 19**

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