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April 20, 2009

Don’t Blame Me For Forgetting Your Birthday….Blame Facebook

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PD*17087469Alright, I get it…you hate the new Facebook layout. Can you at least stop sending me yet another annoying request to join your group demanding the old format be brought back immediately? As well intention as it once was, your group is now just another place spammers can go to hawk their ‘dating’ website or the miracle drug guaranteed to cure one’s problem in the bedroom.  If you had enough time on your hands to figure out the step by step directions to go back to the way things once were, I am pretty sure you won’t have a problem connecting with the 2 real friends you have on there, even with the hard to navigate layout.

Contrary to the prophecies spewed by some about the consequences for the switch, there wasn’t rioting in the streets. The US government never had to declare Marshall Law. And as far as I know Al Gore never blamed the switch on global warming, but I wouldn’t put it passed him. I guess social networking isn’t what it’s hyped up to be because no large mob ever got organized enough to march on Mark Zukerberg’s (Facebook creator) house with pitchforks and flaming torches

 I understand change frightens you, but trust me change for the most part is a good thing. This change hasn’t caused to many ripples. Life as we know it has somehow managed to go on. We’re still in the midst of a turbulent economy, gas is still hovering around $2 a gallon, Friday Night Lights is still the best show no one is watching and I still am a bonehead when it comes to remembering birthdays and sending thank you cards.

happy_birthday_cakeToday is my sister Michele’s birthday (hope it was a special one Shell…and look you got a shout out in my blog as a present). You want to know how I know this? Realizing my propensity to forget these important things, my brother-in-law sent me a friendly email reminder. Sadly, this is a common occurrence as other family members send me similar FYI emails all the time. I am good when it comes to nailing down the months, but the exact dates where we are to call and celebrate the anniversary of one’s birth is where I get a little shaky.

I am glad my family wants to ‘help a brotha out,’ but my lack of consideration is not fitting for an individual like myself who is attempting to display the qualities of a domestic dude. If I really had my act together, the birthday card would be in their mailbox before they even blew out their candles. I realize I have also brought shame to my mother for not having decorative ‘thank you’ cards readily on hand just in case someone does something nice for me. Don’t get her started on how long it took me to write notes of appreciation for the wedding presents I received.

I am not intending to be a jerk. One of the root causes of my forgetfulness is a lack of organization and time management skills. In an attempt to reverse this trend, I actually went out and bought a daily planner in hopes of getting everything in order by writing down important dates. I’ll pause for a moment for the audible gasps to subside.

Taking a break from getting organized, I hoped on Facebook to update my status. Then it hit me. Back in the old days, event reminders were highly visible. Now, you have to search high and low to find who is going to be a year older in the next few days. Looks like I am not an insensitive doof after all. My forgetfulness about sending birthday wishes is due solely to Facebook getting jealous of Twitter stealing some of their thunder. Wanting to appear more hip, they decided to switch things up by ripping off Twitter. It’s just my luck that Facebook would go and act like a pre-teen by giving into peer pressure. Okay, scrap everything I said in the opening. Sign me up for the “Bring Back The Old Facebook Or Else…” group. Change is a bad, bad thing. 


  1. I cant believe you misspelled Michele’s birthday…LOL Hopefully Facebook will remind you that my birthday is next. 🙂

    Comment by Amy — April 22, 2009 @ 12:04 pm

    • Correction made….I guess that’s what I get for writing so late at night and not re-reading things before I post….

      Comment by 30tocure30 — April 22, 2009 @ 12:24 pm

  2. Opps I meant name not birthday…ha!

    Comment by Amy — April 22, 2009 @ 12:05 pm

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